This course is about project management –the management of very large non-routine complex tasks within organizations.

Project Management deals with seeking new methods of planning, organizing, and controlling non-routine tasks. The management of a project differs in several ways from management of a typical enterprise. The goal of a project team is to accomplish its prescribed mission and then disband; though this is easier said than done. Project Management has been around for some time, though it has recently become more important because of the shifting emphasis on teams in accomplishing tasks.

Because of the growing importance of project management in organizations, the Project Management Institute is one of the fastest growing professional organizations in the world. Click here to find more about PMI at

project management institute

The materials on this site are based mostly on two textbooks: Project Management in Practice by Meredith, Mantel, Shafer and Sutton (Wiley Publishers) and Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage by Pinto (Pearson Publishers).