A.2 Course Objectives


  1. To understand the concepts of project planning and organization, budgeting and control, project communications, and project life cycles.
  2. To learn concepts related to organizational work flow including the staffing process, project planning elements, and the project plan contents and project communications.
  3. To master several basic project scheduling techniques including WBS, CPM, PERT, GANTT CHARTS, and resource constrained scheduling.
  4. To understand the related concepts of organizational forms, conflict resolution, and issues  related to leadership and task management in a project environment.
  5. To improve written and oral communication skills through formal writing assignments and group discussions.
  6. To become familiar with Microsoft Project in performing simple project management tasks


The methods employed to achieve course objectives will include ( as necessary):

  1. Class notes and other reading material in the Learning Area highlighting critical course material
  2. Textbook reading
  3. Threaded discussions on the Web.
  4. Cases selected to bring out important concepts and familiarity with tools
  5. Some reading assignments from sources other than the textbook
  6. Homework assignments, quizzes,  etc

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