7-2. Project resources

Limited project resources means they have to be managed properly. The goal of resource management is to optimize the use of the limited supply.

Managing project resources means making two important decisions. The first is allocating the available resources to projects and project activities at specific time periods. This is known as resource loading. Resource loading therefore refers to the amount of individual resources at specific time periods for a given project schedule. An example of a resource allocation is the table shown here. resource-loading You can also use a bar graph to show the resource loading. Here is an example resource-loading-graph

And the second decision is removing any imbalances in the resource allocations. This is known as resource leveling. This means reducing the variability in the resource allocation. Here is an example. The graph shown previously was very unbalanced in the resource requirements, especially for the programmer resource. A more leveled resource requirement is shown here. resource-loading-graph-leveled