7-4.1 Common chain of events leading to project delays

There are a number of events common to all projects that lead to project delays. Here are some of those events:

  • The time needed to complete a project is very often underestimated. One of the reasons for this underestimation is the assumption of known activity times and independent paths
  • Project team members often inflate the time estimates for their work packages
    • Work fills available time
    • student syndrome, waiting till the latest possible time to complete tasks
  • early completions  are not reported because of no reward for early completions or fear of higher expectations in future projects
  • safety time is misused
  • Misused safety time results in missed deadlines
  • Hidden safety time complicates task of prioritizing project activities
  • Lack of clear priorities results in poor multitasking
  • Poor multitasking increases task durations
  • Uneven demand on resources also results due to poor multitasking
  • More projects undertaken to ensure all resources fully utilized
  • More projects further increases poor multitasking

And these lead to project delays and more.  So, how do we reverse this cycle? Let’s find out in the next learning unit.