7-4.2 Reversing cylce of project delays

Reversing the cycle requires project scheduling based on the Critical Chain. Here are the main concepts behind critical chain project scheduling

  • Reduce number of projects assigned to each individual
  • Schedule start of new projects based on availability of bottleneck resources
  • Reduce amount of safety time added to individual tasks and then add some fraction back as project buffer.  Buffers ensure that activities are completed on time.
  • activity durations set so that there is a high probability the task will not be finished on time

The Critical Chain: this requires the recognition of the critical chain which is the

  1. Longest chain of consecutively dependent events  and consider both precedence relationships and resource dependencies
  2. The implementation of a Project Buffer
  3. The implementation of Feeding Buffers

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the critical chain, project and feeding buffers project-buffer. In addition to the project and feeding buffers there are others as explained below.

  • Project Buffers: after final project task
  • Feeding Buffers: where non-critical activities lead into critical activities
  • Resource Buffers: before resources scheduled to work on critical activities
  • Strategic Resource Buffers: assure key resources available