1-1. Project definition and examples

The first thing we need to understand is: What is a project?  Can you think of examples of projects? Of course there are the common examples such as a company implementing a new information system, constructing a new facility or merging with another  company? Do you know organizing a presidential campaign is an example of a project? What about the building of the Egyptian pyramids? What about the making of the film “Titanic”?  So then a project is a temporary task undertaken to accomplish a specific objective. But while cleaning your garage one weekend might represent a project for you, in this course we are interested in very large projects. Here are some common charactersitics of projects:

Specific Deliverable
Specific Due Date – should have a definite beginning and an end
Multidisciplinary – crosses many functional boundaries
Complex – has many interrealted components and some of these are not easily understood
Conflict – disagreements
Part of Programs – are undertaken as part of a large effort