11-1. Termination types

There are different ways in which the final outcomes associated with a project are phased out.

  1. Project Extinction-project activity suddenly stops, either successfully completed or high expectation for failure
  2. Termination-By-Addition- project output becomes a new formal part of organization
  3. Termination-By-Integration- project output becomes standard part of operating systems
  4. Termination-By-Starvation-project exists in name only- click here to see an example of this type termination

Assignment:  Identity specific examples of business projects that fall into each of the above categories.

The Termination Process

  • Decision made by broad based committee of senior managers
  • Termination process should be specified in project plan
  • Termination manager should be appointed to manage the process

In managing the termination process a work breakdown will be useful in helping to understand the various activities that will need to be managed. An example of such a WBS is attached here termination-wbs