35-5.1. Types and intensity

There are different types of conflicts  that occur along the project life and they also vary in intensity along the life cycle.

Schedules-represent disagreements on committing to the project schedule  and tend to build up slowly over the project life and stay high till the very end of the project.

Project priorities– Individuals and groups often differ on the relative importance of  each project and thus are not likely to assign it the same level of priority as others.

Human Resources– this deals with the allocation of resources for the project

Technical difficulties – This is disagreement over how the technical challenges associated with the project are going to be resolved. It builds up slowly over the project cycle and reaches its peak at the execution phase. It is expected to decline by the end of the project .

Administrative procedures – These are conflicts over reporting relationships, documentation of processes and generally  administrative responsibilities for the project . They are generally high at the beginning of the project but decline gradually toward the end.