Unit 4. Scope Management /Project Planning

The materials in this  Unit correspond to Chapter 5 of the Pinto textbook.

Project planning is one of the most important project management activities. Lack of adequate planning contributes significantly to most project failures. In this unit we will discuss why project planning is important, the planning process, the tools for planning and the outcomes of project planning. Consistent with the Pinto book, we will focus more the “scope management” component of project planning. In other words, project scope management is a sub-component of project planning.

Some companies take a “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach to project planning while others take a “Paralysis by Analysis” approach. . In other words, some companies don’t pay much attention to the planning and begin implementation/execution without adequate analysis of the what, why, when, how of the project. Other firms want to understand every aspect of the why, what, when and how of the project before proceeding with project implementation . The right approach is somewhere in-between those two extremes.