4-2. Conceptual Development

The conceptual development requires the project manager to:

  • Understand the expectations that the organization has for the project.
  • Address the need for the project
  • Identify who among senior managers has a major interest in the project; which other stakeholders might be counted on for project support
  • Determine if anything about the project is atypical; what are the constraints in terms of expectations, budgets, timelines, client requirements ect
  • A clear understanding of the project objectives, needed resources, timelines and deliverables.
  • The statement of work (SOW); see below.

Statement of Work (SOW)

A SOW is a detailed narrative description of the work required for a project

Effective SOWs contain

  1. Introduction and background; includes the description and scope
  2. Approach- methodology, scope changes, milestones
  3. Resource requirements
  4. Potential risks and concerns
  5. Acceptance criteria
  6. Time and costs
  7. Potential problems