4-1. What is Planning and Scope Management?

  • Planning is often the most difficult and most unappreciated process in project management
  • Many people have a negative view of planning because they do not use plans to facilitate action
  • The main purpose of project plans is to guide execution
  • Every knowledge area includes planning

Planning involves providing answers to the following questions:

  • What do you want to accomplish (goals and objectives)?
  • How are you going to accomplish the goals and objectives?
  • Who is going to be involved ( personnel)?
  • When and where is the work going to be done (schedules and location)
  • How much is going to cost (budgets)

Project Scope and Scope Management

Project scope deals with the work content of the project includes an understanding of the tasks to be performed, the outcomes (deliverables). The scope management is the planning, organizing and controlling associated with the project.  There are 6 components of the project scope:

1) Conceptual development , 2) Scope statement,  3) Work authorization 4) Scope reporting, 5) Control systems, and 6) Project closeout.