Unit 6-2-2 Determining activity slack times and critical path

Total slack (or float) refers to the amount of time a task can delayed without delaying the completion time of the project. For each task, the total slack TS is calculated as TS= LS-ES or LF-EF

Tasks with zero slack are known as critical tasks and the path linking all tasks with zero slack is known as the the critical path.  Click here to see the TS for each task and the resultant critical path for the example we have been working on.  Network-Diagram-with-Total-slack-for-each-task-and-critical-path1

Confirm that the critical path is the path linking tasks a, e, h, j.

Click on the link below to see a video I put together on the above steps.

It is possible to have multiple critical paths on one project.

You can also determine the critical path(s) by identifying all the paths in a network and adding up the duration of the tasks in that path. The critical path is the path with the longest duration.

It is now you turn to practice constructing a network diagram and determining the critical path(s).  Click and open the document attached  here scheduling-practice-problem.  You can check here for the answers. AAnswers-for-scheduling-practice-problem