Unit 6-5 Project Shortening Techniques

Sometimes a project falls behind schedule and there is potential for huge penalties if nothing is done to bring the project back on schedule. At the other times, there might be market or economic opportunities if the project could be sped up.  In either case or other similar cases, it  might become necessary to  shorten the duration  of the project. There are three common techniques:

  1. Shortening durations of critical tasks by adding more resources or changing their scope
  2. Crashing tasks by obtaining the greatest amount of schedule compression for the least incremental cost
  3. Fast tracking tasks by doing them in parallel or overlapping them. This technique is used Primarily in Construction Industry for example, starting the building phase before the design and planning phases are completed. The approach is particularly appropriate when large proportion of work is routine.

We will examine the Crashing technique in greater detail in the next learning unit.