Unit 6-5-1 Project Crashing

The crashing technique is associated with the Critical Path Method.

Here are the steps for the crashing technique.

1. Determine the :

    • Normal Duration Estimates
    • Normal Costs
    • Crash Duration Estimates
    • Crash Costs
    • Crash Cost Per unit duration

2.   Identify all the paths through the project network

3. Select tasks to be crashed based on tasks on critical path and the crash cost per unit duration. You want to select the task with the least cost for the same benefit in terms of duration. It is important to remember that the critical path might change each time a task is crashed. Further, there might be multiple critical paths that result from the attempts at crashing.  Last, sometimes it is better to crash two different tasks on two paths than one task common to both tasks ( i.e. where you have multiple critical paths).

Let’s illustrate how the method works with an example on the next page