8-7. Scope Creep

Scope creep refers to the gradual increase in project scope that occurs over time.

Coping with changes is frequently cited by PMs as the single most important problem during project management.
Common Reasons for Change Requests
nAvailability of new technologies and materials
To manage scope creep, a change control system needs to be developed during project planning. Here are some guidelines for a change control system.
  1. Review all requested changes
  2. Identify impact of change
  3. Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of requested change
  4. Install process so that individual with authority may accept or reject changes
  5. Communicate change to concerned parties
  6. Ensure changes implemented properly
  7. Prepare reports that summarize changes made to date and their impact

Additional rules for controlling scope creep.

  1. Include in contract change control system
  2. Require all changes be introduced by a change order
  3. Require approval in writing by the client’s agent and senior management
  4. Consult with PM prior to preparation of change order
  5. Amend master plan to reflect changes