9-2. Develop a plan & the key players

Your communication plan should address the following:

  1. Collection, filing structure for information gathering & storage -e.g.  are existing structures in the organization sufficient? do different ones need to be created? This might be especially important in government contracts.
  2. A distribution structure -what goes to who, when, & how
  3. Communication format – if the stakeholder is very important, you might want to find out their preferred format is
  4. Methods for obtaining information – can you use online sources?
  5. Methods for updating

The next issue is to determine who is going to be involved in the communication effort. Communication is expected

  1. Between project manager & top management.
  2. Between PM & project team
  3. Between PM & other stakeholders
  4. Among team members
  5. Between PM, project team & other groups
  6. Between project managers