9-1. Why communication is important

Communication is
The Grease to
-facilitate group processes- e.g. the use of project meetings to gain agreement and commitments
-facilitate decision making – e.g.  examine impact of project delays
-make conflict resolution easier- become aware of other views and project facts
-facilitate organizational learning – help others learn about project mgt.
The Glue that
-holds project team together
-sends, receives and accurately
interprets information – make sure the receiver understands and interprets message accurately; follow-up might be necessary. Click here to see a comic strip that illustrates this point. ketchup
-helps answer what, how & when – e.g., what type of communication needs to be received by who and when

The Gum
-can clog up project efforts e.g., wrong type of information poorly presented and delivered without sensitivity will be counterproductive
-provide information, not data; answer this question: what is the difference between data and information- provide examples